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Marlwood School


Marlwood Curriculum Intent

Student Experience

We believe in breadth of curriculum: students learning a broad range of subjects for as long as possible. As of September 2019 our students will receive a traditional curriculum, which is broad and balanced. The curriculum is designed to enable all students to flourish academically and acquire the knowledge, skills, employability competencies, cultural capital and character development required for a successful and fulfilled life.

We want all of our students to:

  • Lead a life that is personally flourishing
  • To help others to do so, too

Student Progress

Progress is not simply what we use to measure with levels, but rather it comprises knowledge that has been learned and then retained in long-term memory. It is vital that our students make at least expected progress. It is our goal for our students to strive for excellence and outperform their peers nationally. However, progress goes beyond a collection of marks in a tracking document; it is much more complex than that.

Progress depends on learners having a network of inter-related ideas and values that they skilfully draw on to make sense of what they are doing and experiencing.  Progress indicators differ depending on the subject discipline or spiritual, moral, social and cultural goals of the learning experience.  It requires us to go back and think in detail about what it means to ‘get better’ in terms of behaviours, cognition or appreciation. It is about creativity, connections and schematics, not isolated information. It is about the development of the whole person.

Each faculty and subject at Marlwood School plays a significant and deliberate role in implementing the intent of the whole school curriculum through the distinctiveness nature of their disciplinary content, skills and approach.

Each faculty and subject at Marlwood School plays a significant and deliberate role in implementing the intent of the whole school curriculum.



We in the Science Faculty are dedicated to sparking student’s interest and love of all things science related.

The intent of the Science Curriculum is to build upon that inquisitiveness that all children have in order that our students:

  • Question continually and ask WHY
  • Learn through discovery
  • Make links between scientific knowledge and the world
  • Are socially and ethically aware of science in society
  • Consider a career in science

We want to deliver the opportunity for students to discover science in the world first hand through hands on investigation, discussion and enquiry.

Our teachers’ mission is to ignite scientific curiosity in all students so that they will want to question why. Curiosity about our surroundings is an essential urge from infancy. We are all born with this desire to understand the world around us, to ask how, what and why. Students that find the more answers discovered, the more questions need to be asked are those who are well on the way to becoming scientists.


Our Curriculum intent is realised through the skillful implementation of the Science Curriculum Map supported by the Marlwood 8 Essentials.

Exposure to real life place, experiences and individuals of scientific importance are a vital component of the Science curriculum experience at Marlwood School.

  • All science courses are designed to encourage scientific literacy and numeracy as well as to develop a range of skills that enable students to understand scientific concepts encountered in every aspect of life.
  • Practicals remain at the heart of our science teaching and form an integral part of each course studied.
  • The core skills are developed from KS3 to maximise the students outcomes in KS4.
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