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Marlwood School

Art, Craft & Design


To nurture visual literacy through an engaging and supportive environment that provides all students with the opportunity  to explore, create, and invent; taking inspiration from an increasingly diverse selection of global art and artists to ensure opportunity and diversity.

The Art, Craft & Design Curriculum @ Marlwood

Curriculum Overview / map

Art, Craft & Design Curriculum Map

 KS3 Yr 7-9

Our KS3 studies in art, craft and design aim to:


  • Develop students’ understanding of the key elements of Art; Line, Shape, Form, Value, Colour, Space and Texture.
  • Equip students with a broad range of skills to enable them to pursue an interest in art beyond the classroom.
  • Develop students’ awareness and appreciation of artists and designers ranging from great masters to contemporary practitioners that work in a broad range of disciplines.

Knowledge organisers / vocabulary list

  • Key Vocabulary for projects can be accessed via your child’s Google Classroom account.

Useful Weblinks/additional reading

YouTube has a wealth of information about art, including tutorials, interviews with artists and guided gallery tours.

How to support your child

Help/encourage them to complete their homework (posted on Google Classroom).

Discuss what they are doing in art at the moment and explore key terminology.

Encourage them to make use of suggested websites.

Enable your child to access the wider world of art through books, magazines, tv & film and gallery visits.

KS4 Curriculum Yr 10-11

Art, Craft and Design:

Exam Board: AQA

Exam weighting: 40% Examination 60% Coursework

Assessment: Student’s coursework and exam are assessed at the end of year 11; the work is externally moderated by AQA.


For the coursework component, students will begin with a series of experimental drawing workshops to develop skills and build confidence in working with a range of media. This will provide students with a good foundation of skills that they can draw upon throughout the duration of their course.  Students will study a wide range of topics over the 2 years whilst analysing the work of artists, craftspeople, cultures and designers in context with art history and current media.  Key areas of study that will be covered will focus on Fine Art practices and Textiles Design.  Fine Art practices will include drawing, painting, sculpture and conceptual thinking.  Textiles Design will cover fashion illustration, textile printing and fibre arts.

Two extended projects will be created over the course of year 10 and 11 in which students will develop their own ideas in response to a theme, in a media of their choice.

The exam is set by AQA; students will create a project in response to a starting point given by the exam board. Students will create a project over a period of 3 months; this will culminate in a 10 hour exam in which students create a final piece for their exam project.


Throughout the 2 year course, students will research, create and communicate their own ideas visually.   They will develop skills in problem solving and critical thinking over time. On a weekly basis, lessons will enable students to develop a wide range of skills and practices which are relevant to employment in the Creative arts sector.


  • Gallery Visits
  • Visiting Artist Workshops

What are the benefits of studying this course now and for the future?

  • This course will provide you with the relevant skills to undertake further education courses in the creative art sector.
  • To develop essential skills necessary to enter the Creative Arts employment sector.
  • To develop individuality, creativity and imagination for a working world.
  • Explore ideas about self, community and the world in which we live.

Knowledge organisers / vocabulary list

Key Vocabulary for projects can be accessed via your child’s Google Classroom account.

AQA Subject Specific Vocabulary

Career pathways


Art Therapist

Art Restoration


Games Designer

Community Arts worker

Exhibition designer

Fashion Designer

Film/Video maker

Fine artist

Graphic Designer


Medical Illustrator

Print maker

Product designer


Theatre Designer.


Useful Links and resourcing

The Tate Gallery Website and the V&A  museum website are useful sites for students to explore both historical and contemporary artworks and to find artists of interest for further study.


Additional links that students may find useful:

Google Arts and Culture

The Saatchi Gallery

The Design Museum

The British Museum

Support for students and parents

Lesson slides, subject top sheets, key terminology and assessment documents are posted on Google Classroom.

Pinterest Inspiration boards are updated regularly to support students with starting points/artist imagery.