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Accelerated Reader Programme

 Accelerated reader is the programme that we use to track the reading of the pupils at Marlwood school. It is an individualised programme designed to ensure that pupils are reading books at the appropriate level and to encourage them to make progress.

 How can pupils meet their target points?

At Marlwood every pupil is set an individual reading points target by their teacher. After reading a book, pupils are given the opportunity to show their comprehension of the content by taking an online test – this earns them ‘points’ towards their reading target level (typically the larger the amount of words, the more points a pupils can earn from the book test).

We expect pupils to read for 20 mins at home everyday in addition to the reading that they do at school. When pupils have finished their book we encourage them to do the test as soon after completing it as possible. If they wish to access he test at home, please be advised that they can access the Accelerated Reader website on:

All pupils have been issued with login credentials for this website. If there are any difficulties with this, pupils can ask their English/Accelerated reader teacher.

 Is there a reading list?

There is no set book list; however, it is essential that pupils read books at the right level for them. The pupils have been given advised of individual reading levels and have a bookmark with it on. If you are thinking of buying a book for your child or want to check the level of a certain book, then we recommend accessing the Accelerated Reader Bookfinder website to find this information.

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