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Home Learning


What is home learning? 

Home learning or homework is an activity that a child is asked to complete outside of the school day. Home learning can range from reading a book, completing a research project about a specific topic, completing classwork or using online platforms to practise and/or review learning. 

Why should I support my child in engaging with Home learning activities?

We know that independent learning coupled to parental engagement will improve a students rate of progression and raise standards of attainment at GCSE. Further, through your involvement in your child’s learning, pyou will be more able to support, broaden and deepen your child’s knowledge and understanding.

Home Learning is an essential part of schooling and ensuring that every child reaches his or her full potential at school .It is important for a number of reasons:

  • it encourages students to study on their own, building their independence, perseverance, self-discipline and organisation
  • it allows parents and other adults to become involved in their child's work
  • it can facilitate academic curiosity
  • consolidation of knowledge and practice of skills  which can build confidence (Retrieval practice)
  • more rapid progress can be made as more ground is covered, more knowledge secured
  • work in school can concentrate on activities requiring the teacher's presence
  • it enables the use of materials and information sources not available in the classroom.

Fundamentally, engaging with home learning will facilitate your child in knowing more, remembering more and/or understanding more.

ClassCharts for Homework

This September we are launching a new system into school called ClassCharts, which is used by thousands of schools nationally. ClassCharts will enable you to access your child’s weekly timetable, view assigned homework tasks and importantly monitor the completion of tasks. 

Each child has a unique access code, which we will issue to parents / guardians. If you have more than one child, you can access ClassCharts information about your children from a single, centralised parent account. ClassCharts for parents can be accessed via our website, or through our iOS and Android apps. 

Your unique Parent Code will be shared this week and details given to your child on how to access their HW by the end of this week, so please check with them on Friday. This code is used to set up your Class Charts parent account.  

To register and create an account please access the Link below:

If you have more than one child in the school, you can enter additional codes directly into your created account.

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