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Marlwood School

Work ExperiencE

Year 10 Work Experience

Here at Marlwood school we are eager for all students to participate in work experience. We believe that work experience that is well planned and organized has an extremely important role in developing a students personal and social skills as well as giving students the opportunity to learn directly about the world of work.   A good work experience placement can not only boost confidence in practical skills but can also enhance skills and competencies such as creativity, problem solving, listening, interpersonal relationships, teamwork and leadership.  These are the Skills which all students can use to thrive as an individual, academically as well as professionally.

Year 10 Work experience usually takes place in term 6 of the academic school year (June approximately) and information regarding work experience will be sent out in a timely fashion. However, we urge all students to start searching for placements as soon as possible, to ensure that they secure the placement that interests them the most.  

Year 10 work experience is a stepping stone into the future that allows students to develop as individuals.  However, there is more than one way to gain the skills needed to improve your future chances of employability.  All sorts of activities can help to develop the qualities you need at work. Some of these opportunities may be harder to find while businesses are closed and social distancing restrictions remain in place due the coronavirus, but there are others that you can do from home or at school:

  • Formal work experience placement. Often up to a week in a location arranged by your school or independently. Typically unpaid, this is an opportunity to learn about the world of work and see it in action.
  • Extracurricular activities. Being part of a sports team or another club or group such as a theatre group or choir e.g. Samba band. Involvement in the Scouts or Guides, or Duke of Edinburgh award scheme.
  • Volunteering and fundraising. There are stacks of volunteering opportunities out there. You could walk dogs for an animal charity, volunteer as a retail assistant in a charity shop, help with outdoor conservation projects, collect funds or support young disabled people on activity days.
  • Competitions. Look out for competitions in areas that interest you, for example design, writing, maths or business.
  • Entrepreneurship. Perhaps you aspire to run your own business one day, or maybe you’ve got a commercial idea that you’re keen to get off the ground. Employers are keen to take on candidates with entrepreneurial flair, so it’s well worth honing your skills whether or not you go on to set up your own venture.
  • Part-time jobs. A part-time job such as working in a shop gives you customer service and time management skills and helps to develop your commercial awareness. Doing a paper round or babysitting calls for responsibility and resilience. Employers like evidence that you can be relied on to turn up when expected and stick at what you’re meant to be doing till you’ve seen it through.
  • Personal projects. If you’ve designed and made something under your own steam, such as a DIY or craft project, a website or a blog, you may well have developed the problem-solving and creative skills that employers look for.
  • Positions of responsibility. Are you a student leader, a sports  captain? Have you been a student representative, taking prospective pupils and parents on tours and speaking to them, or been involved in the school council? Have you had a leadership or committee role in a group or club? This kind of experience hones the communication and leadership skills employers want.

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